"...every subtle nuance is made transparent and the soundscape three-dimensional... pristine clarity"
All About Jazz, October 2010 (click for full review)

"outstanding... a welcome addition to the pantheon of high-end stereo microphones."
Pro Audio Review, January 2010 (click for full review)

"The KMF Audio stereo miking system offers a stunning 3D soundstage."
Broadcast Engineering, December 2009 (click for full review)

"The recorded sound of this album is extraordinary..."
JazzTimes December 2007 review of Standards (click for full review)

“Music recorded with a KMF Audio mike has a depth to its sound unheard of in recordings made with the current crop of microphones…”
San Diego Union-Tribune review of Standards (click for full review)

"Who would have thought that, in this day and age, someone would come up with a new way to record in stereo? I have been working in Power Station/Avatar Studio A since 1978, and have never before captured the sound of the room so naturally."
James A. Farber, multi Grammy-winning sound engineer, New York City

"The KMF Audio stereo microphone is astoundingly accurate. It is capable of capturing the most realistic reproduction of an instrument that I have ever experienced."
Joe Ferla, multi Grammy-winning sound engineer, New York City

“From what I have heard and seen I am greatly impressed and very much looking forward to the production model. If it comes out as I expect then I will be an owner.”
Donal Hodgson, engineer for Sting, London, UK

“It is clear to me that KMF Audio has something special going on with its new microphone. It just has a sense of effortless pure natural reality. I would say 'sweetness,' but that term can imply coloration, and this mic doesn't have a signature. Just a sense of rightness. Those pianos are living presences! The mic is obviously extraordinary.”
Thomas Conrad, Contributing Music Editor, Stereophile; Contributing Writer, JazzTimes

“The sound is fantastic… The recording made with your new tube microphone was a revelation. Some of the best piano sound I have ever heard. I know my clients will be very interested in this.”
Michael Davenport, artists manager for Joe Lovano, Dianne Reeves, Brad Mehldau

"The philosophy and technology that comprise this new tube microphone method of recording result in a revelatory listening experience: life-like, present, natural, gratifying, rewarding, and above all, musical. The nature (literally) of these unprocessed sounds makes me want to listen to the recording time and again.”
Peter Erskine, drummer, owner/producer – Fuzzy Music

“The three-dimensional width and depth of the mic is amazing. I love the sound of the drum kit. For a jazz sounding drum set, it’s one of the best I’ve heard. The piano sound to me is also very good. I really like the width, and it feels like you can step right inside the piano. The bass was fantastic. It hangs just where it needs to and doesn’t seem to have to fight anything else to stay in the mix… Very interesting sounding microphone.”
Erick Jaskowiak, Studio Manager and Chief Engineer, Compass Sound Studio, Nashville

“Even listening on Bose computer speakers I do feel like I'm right in the room with the piano...definitely.”
Kenny Werner, pianist

“I’ve always admired Kent Fuqua’s engineering abilities and the sound quality he develops from his recording techniques. Kent’s latest recording has a clarity and dynamic range not heard often enough in today’s recordings. His recordings truly capture the timbre of the instruments and the emotion of the event. Not sure what the key ingredient is... is it Kent’s engineering expertise, the recording chain, or his unique microphone? Whatever it is, I think Kent has a winning combination!”
Victor Tiscareno, past VP of Engineering, Red Rose Music, now with Apple Inc.

“I like the microphone very much. Jewel sounds three-dimensional, and I am surprised at the clarity along with the imaging. Benny Green’s track was so big! Big all-encompassing sound coming through/from that KMF mic. I don’t believe that you used one single mic on the California Quartet…the imaging was very clearly front to back, or at least gave me that visual impression. Nice going guys!  Keep me posted on future plans. I want that mic!”
Don Grusin, pianist/composer/producer

"The sound quality is excellent... There's lots of air and presence, and a suggestion of space that seems very real. It was just very natural, easy to sit with, and enjoy. And very detailed. Nothing was rolled-off or hyped... just really good sound. It seemed that you could hear every little nuance."
Anthony Wilson, guitarist/composer/arranger, member of Diana Krall Quartet

“What I heard was completely transparent and natural.  A normal two-speaker stereo setup seemed to have a pronounced depth to it. All the instruments had a wonderful presence about them, yet there was nothing exaggerated. The KMF microphone seems to be able to capture the material and reproduce it without altering anything.   For capturing music with a great dynamic level, this microphone is a must-have.”
Alan Pasqua, pianist/composer

“Your last demo with Mike Wofford and Darek Oles was excellent in every way – keep up the great work!”
Joe Harley, producer, VP of Product Development – AudioQuest

“I was very impressed with the KMF Audio recordings. They have a very natural sound, very warm and reminiscent of the great tube mics of the past without the inherent noise and signatures that some have. They are definitely a lot nicer than the reproduction tube mics I have heard lately. I would actually like to add a pair to my collection, which are all vintage microphones. Congratulations!”
Tom Burns, producer/engineer, president – Capri Records


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